Hello all.

After 14 years of existence, it's time to wave goodbye to BlueGriffon. There are many reasons for that, some related to technology (for instance Mozilla killing XUL), some related to me (my will to change and move to something else after so many years), and some others related to corporate context (I'm fed up with running a small company). It's been a wild ride of two decades (Netscape, Nvu, BlueGriffon), I enjoyed every minute of it, but I have to acknowledge the fact BlueGriffon should become an online app and I don't have the time, will and courage to make that move.

It's also time to acknowledge I'm not an active lizard (as in Mozilla) any more but that's another story.

The source of sold versions of BlueGriffon will be released soon so anyone can build or even revive that project and product I loved so much.

Thank you all, and see you elsewhere on the Interwebs.

Daniel Glazman