Version: 1.6
Plaforms: all

Price: 14.37€


Installation Instructions

ActiveViewAdvanced CSS authors need full control on their stylesheets. Our CSS Pro Editor is made for them... Not only it offers full control on the creation, modification and deletion of stylesheets attached to a document including CSS Media Queries, but it gives unprecedented control on modern CSS 3 features like Shadows, Gradients, 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, Transitions or Multi-column Layout.

It also includes a visual CSS Selectors builder that will let you create new style rules or modify existing ones without having to remember the syntax of Selectors. Advanced users will also like it since it can validate a selector typed by hand.

Of course, like the basic CSS Properties Panel that already included in BlueGriffon, it is able to output experimental style rules (think Gradients for instance) for all browsers even if they use a vendor prefix.

Warning: BlueGriffon >= 1.6 required. This add-on will not work with older versions of BlueGriffon.