Version: 1.2
Plaforms: all

Price: 6.25€


Installation Instructions

ActiveViewThe EyeDropper add-on is a must-have for Web Authors that often need to pick a color from sources that are not directly viewable or editable inside the editor BlueGriffon. The EyeDropper add-on adds a new button to the regular ColorPicker inside BlueGriffon. Clicking that button and maintaining the mouse button pressed opens a floating window showing a magnified view of the screen area surrounding the mouse pointer, wherever it is. The add-on works with multiple screens and all screen resolutions and can pick a color from anywhere on the screens, not just from BlueGriffon windows.

Warning: BlueGriffon >= 1.6 required. This add-on will not work with older versions of BlueGriffon.

Extra installation instructions for Linux: on Linux, you need to install the utility tool scrot. On Ubuntu for instance, just type sudo apt-get install scrot. Warning, scrot can fail when running inside a virtual machine; in that case, install imagemagick (it's unfortunately much slower than scrot...) through sudo apt-get install imagemagick and in the EyeDropper panel of the Preferences window of BlueGriffon, select Imagemagick. The add-on will not work otherwise.