Free Add-ons

  1. click on the download link and save the file onto your hard disk
  2. if the file is a *.zip file, please unzip it ; it should contain three folders for the Mac OS X, the Windows and the Linux versions
  3. launch BlueGriffon
  4. open the Extensions Manager through the Tools > Add-ons menu entry
  5. click on the Extensions icon to make sure you have selected the Extensions tab of the window
  6. click on the button at the left (or right if you use an hebraic or arabic version of BlueGriffon) of the Search field at the top the window
  7. select the "Install Add-on from File..." entry
  8. select the *.xpi file you just downloaded and saved from our web site or the relevant platform version if you uncompressed a *.zip file
  9. a dialog appears, click on the Install button at the end of the three seconds delay
  10. the newly installed add-on appeared in the list of installed add-on...
  11. you must click on the "Restart Now" link in the window, or quit and relaunch BlueGriffon to activate your new add-on

Commercial Add-ons

  1. once you have finalized your shopping basket, go through PayPal to make the payment (through your PayPal account or a credit card)
  2. once the payment is finalized, you will receive a mail from us with a link to the downloadable ZIP package containing the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux versions of your add-on. Warning, the download link expires after 120 hours or after 5 download attempts, which ever event happens first.
  3. continue at item 2 from the "Free Add-ons" list above