Version: 2.0
Plaforms: all

Price: 18.75€


Installation Instructions

One-click Templates iconIf you don't have the technical knowledge - or the time and energy - to write your own HTML+CSS+JavaScript document template and would like to get a superbly formatted document in one click and start immediately typing, this add-on is made for you.

It downloads from our site a list of free online templates that we maintain and will of course expand over time. This version of this add-on gives access to 2901 free templates including 37 free templates dedicated to HTML-based emails! No doubt you'll find one matching your wishes or needs in the list.

You can see a preview of each template (if one is available), a live demo of each template (if one is available) and install in a single click a template in your filesystem. You can also easily and instantly search through the available templates.

Warning: BlueGriffon >= 1.5 required. This add-on will not work with older versions of BlueGriffon.

After installation and relaunch of BlueGriffon, this add-on adds the menu entry "One-click Templates" to the File menu.

Changes from v1.5:

  • can now save any document as a Personal Template through the File > Save As Template menu.
  • all external (but local) references are added to the Template; remote resources remain remote.
  • Personal Templates are now listed in the Templates Manager reachable from File > One-click Templates menu.


One-click Templates New document based on a template