Version: 1.1
Plaforms: all

Price: 3.75€

Installation Instructions

PUTter iconThe PUTter add-on is an add-on allowing to publish a document and the local resources attached to that document through HTTP PUT.

BlueGriffon >= 1.4

Release notes:

  • the add-on is able to publish through HTTP PUT a html/xhtml document and LOCAL (to the filesystem) css stylesheets directly linked to the document through a <link> element, LOCAL sources of <audio>, <video> and <img> elements
  • the add-on cannot yet publish that way imported stylesheets, Web fonts. BlueGriffon 1.4 is not able at this time to allow changes of strictly remote resources like remote stylesheets.
  • it is now possible in v1.1 of the add-on to add local resources (not linked to the document) to the list of transfers over HTTP.